A wall of Kindles showing their evolution 2007 through 2016.
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Are CFOs the new data leaders?

When data is analysed properly, it can yield insights that improve customer service and overall performance.


Building more resilient communities

It is important we work alongside our customers and partners to help people respond to crises, and to develop solutions that will help reduce the impact of disasters.


Helping customers across Australia and New Zealand demystify data

Organisations are generating data at unprecedented rates—so much so that the amount of data that exists in the world is estimated to double every two years.

Alexa Makes Privacy Even Easier

At Amazon, privacy is foundational, and core to how we design our devices and services.


Helping medical researchers save lives: machine learning in genomics

When it comes to our health, the differences between two individuals can have a huge impact in terms of how well they respond to different medical treatments.


Agtech startups help farmers harvest the power of data in the cloud

in modern farming, every one of the hundreds of actions that take place each day creates data. When that data is harvested and analysed, it provides a wealth of information.

Echo Auto: Alexa gets your car’s entertainment system in gear

Alexa can now rev up your car’s entertainment system* with the voice-controlled Echo Auto. Amazon’s air vent-mounted device brings all the benefits of Alexa, including music, news, and games, to your next road trip.

Taking classrooms to the cloud

With tens of thousands of students of all ages across Australia and New Zealand now learning from home, there’s no doubt our educators have done a remarkable job of adapting to engage students using online tools.

Disruption drives rapid innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the way people live and work. And, while it has been very disruptive for almost everyone, the crisis has also sparked new waves of innovation, as retailers, restaurants, software developers, and more have adapted. We’re inspired by the rapid rate of innovation as Australian customers of all sizes use cloud to create new business models, and work to reduce the impact on our communities, now and into the future.

How is cloud technology helping to save the Tasmanian devil?

Researchers at the University of Sydney are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate vital genomics research for a range of threatened species.
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