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  • Alexa’s first Christmas Down Under

    Alexa is celebrating Christmas with Aussies and Kiwis for the first time, and has a swag of surprises in store.

  • Alexa, sing me a song

    Alexa loves to entertain you with a good joke, a solid pun, and – possibly more than anything – a catchy tune.

  • "Alexa, make me sound smart"

    Have you ever found yourself at a backyard barbeque, dinner party or the work lunch with nothing interesting to say?

  • Watching Sports With Your Mate, Alexa

    It’s always better to watch the big game with a group of good mates, and Alexa is your new witty and well-informed friend on the couch – whatever the sport.

  • Family friendly Alexa skills you need to try

    This week we launched over 400 new skills, suitable for children, into the Australia and New Zealand Alexa skill store. These skills will deliver experiences that mix learning with fun, bringing iconic brands to Alexa alongside some of kids’ favourite characters.

  • Alexa Skills you’ve got to try

    Check out the latest and greatest Alexa skills Australians are enjoying this month. Are you just getting acquainted with Alexa? Fear not, you can get all the tips and tricks you need to get set up by following our Getting Started Guide. As with all Alexa skills, you’ll need to enable them first, you can do this by simply asking Alexa to open or launch your skill of choice. For example “Alexa, open Rainforest sounds.” If you need to link your account you’ll need to get set up via the Alexa app to personalize your experience, click here to get started.

  • Our first Australian Innovation Day

    On 10th April we held our first Innovation Day at the International Convention Centre in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, designed to inspire business and technology leaders. The half-day program was attended by several thousand executives, start-up CEOs, IT managers and developers across a variety of industries.
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