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  • Alexa Skills you’ve got to try

    Check out the latest and greatest Alexa skills Australians are enjoying this month. Are you just getting acquainted with Alexa? Fear not, you can get all the tips and tricks you need to get set up by following our Getting Started Guide. As with all Alexa skills, you’ll need to enable them first, you can do this by simply asking Alexa to open or launch your skill of choice. For example “Alexa, open Rainforest sounds.” If you need to link your account you’ll need to get set up via the Alexa app to personalize your experience, click here to get started.

  • In search of a better night’s sleep

    With four in ten Australians experiencing inadequate sleep, the secret to a good night’s sleep isn’t as far away as we might think, with simple changes and a set routine often being the answer to a good night’s sleep.
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