17 ways to show your pet you ‘ruff’ them this Pet Appreciation Week

From a bird playground to a smart drinking fountain for dogs, this is the ulti-mutt gift list.
on 07 June 2021
Did you know: There are over 29 million pets Down Under, more than the country’s 25 million human inhabitants. In fact, Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world according to Animal Medicines Australia: More than 6 out of 10 Australian households own a pet, with dogs being the most popular (almost 40% of Aussie homes have one), followed by cats (27%) and fish (11%).

While pets are a handful sometimes, the challenges of last year have shown how invaluable their company can be. A 2020 study by pet-sitting service Pawshake reported that 97% of Australians feel their pet helped them survive the year, from easing their loneliness during lockdowns to motivating them to exercise.

So what better way to show your pet your gratitude than with a treat this World Pet Appreciation Week? Here, we share 17 special gifts to pam-purr your furry or feathered fam.
  1. Petkit Smart Drinking Fountain

    An appropriate gift for these hygiene-conscious times, this AI-powered, impurity-removing fountain will make sure your pet always has a safe, fresh and filtered supply of drinking water.
  2. Rabbitgoo Plush Cat Condo

    Even Kitty could do with a real-estate upgrade to #stayhome in, and this one comes complete with a chill cat hammock.
  3. Lickimat Anti-Anxiety Boredom Buster

    Research shows that the pandemic has caused some pets to suffer from stress related to their owners’ well-being. This slow feeder mat is designed to help ease anxiety, promote calmness and reduce destructive behaviour.
  4. SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

    This stylish scratcher allows cats to stretch-and-scratch full-length – great for toning muscles and marking territory.
  5. Trixie Bird Playground

    Sales of home gyms have soared during the pandemic. Now it’s time to get your feathered friends one too.
  6. Petkit Breezy Cat Backpack

    For all the cool cats around, furry or otherwise – here’s a chic yet Covid-conscious way of transporting your pet around.
  7. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

    This battery-operated tracker is the perfect gadget for anxious pawrents. It helps you keep real-time tabs on your pet and monitors your fur baby’s health.
  8. Scream Ball Launcher

    Give your pup maximum fun with minimum effort. This clever device can help you lob balls from your couch and scoop them up without slobber.
  9. Petkit Pineapple Bed

    This paw-sitively cheery-looking bed won’t just brighten up your home – it’s made of thick flannel and coral fleece to keep your pet cosy through winter too.
  10. Wag Grain-Free Beef Jerky Wholesome Dog Treats

    Nothing says ‘good dog’ like a treat, and these all-natural, ethically sourced chews – that are packed with robust flavour and a deeper bite than many other jerkies – are sure to go down a treat, too.
  11. Penn Plex Lizard Lounger

    Everyone likes a view, even lizards. This hand-woven climbable lounger lets geckos, bearded dragons, iguanas and more find an elevated spot to take in the surroundings.
  12. Felix Doubly Delicious Meat Selection In Jelly

    The purr-fect feast for senior cats, these pouches contain tender chunks of meat in two flavours that will satisfy even feline foodies.
  13. Zenify Pets Dog Water Bottle

    A safer alternative to public water bowls, this lightweight and leak-proof bottle is a simple, smart way to help your dog rehydrate during those outdoor escapes.
  14. The Natural Paw Company Tofu Cat Litter

    Luxe up your cat’s loo with this 100% plant-based litter, made with bean curd residue that’s gentle on paws.
  15. Living World Banana-Flavoured Cotton Bird Perch

    Pet parrots will see the ap-peel of this fragrant perch, which doubles as a climbing rope and spiral toy.
  16. Zenify Pets Puppy Gift Box

    From toys that teach coordination skills and promote healthy teething, to gear like a grooming glove and a collapsible dog bowl, this handy set has everything a young pup needs.
  17. Stockman & Paddock Grain-Free Dog Food

    This wholesome kibble is packed with the goodness of natural Australian ingredients, like Aussie beef and peas, and none of the grains and glutens that can trigger allergic reactions in some dogs.
For more pet gift ideas, check out our complete selection here!
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