Amazon Australia reveals its top 100 toys with the help of its official toy testers: the Amazon Playmakers

In partnership with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Amazon Australia has announced this year’s Amazon Playmakers, the official toy testers for its toy catalogue that gives back
on 27 October 2020
Amazon Australia has revealed its top 100 toys and the toy trends of 2020 with the help of its official toy testers: the Amazon Playmakers. The Amazon Playmakers are twelve superhero children from across the country, chosen by the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and recruited by as official toy testers for the festive season.

The Amazon Playmakers have helped review this year’s top 100 toys, giving their expert toy opinions to help Aussies with their holiday shopping, and giving back to the Starlight Children’s Foundation (Starlight) in the process.

For every toy purchased that features in the Amazon Playmakers toy catalogue over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Events (27 November – 30 November), Amazon Australia will donate $5 to Starlight Children’s Foundation, in addition to $40,000 worth of toys, games, crafts and gift cards.

Amazon Playmakers - the superhero kids helping review our top 100 holiday toys

In a year where Australians spent more time at home than ever before, toys and games grew in popularity amongst family and friends as a way to connect with one another and have some fun at home. The Amazon Playmakers catalogue includes a range of trending categories from toys for creativity, nostalgia and learning to the rise of the ‘kidult’ and toys as seen on the screen including LEGO Super Mario, Baby Yoda, and Bluey.

Matt Furlong, Country Manager of, said, “We are pleased to be able to deliver smiles to the Starlight Children’s Foundation and the superhero children involved in this year’s Amazon Playmakers initiative.”

I’m inspired by our official toy testers, and sure parents across the country will appreciate their expert recommendations, as Australians look for ways to keep entertained at home these holidays.”

Louise Baxter, Chief Executive Officer of Starlight said, “Starlight relies on the community for support, and last year, the Amazon Playmakers initiative had such a positive impact on so many Starlight families across the country. This year has been especially challenging for our families as they juggle treatment and a time of change.

“We’ve seen how much joy and positive distraction the toys bring to the kids and families, often at a time when they need it most. At Starlight we know that happiness is integral to a sick child’s development, so we’re thrilled to be part of this fantastic initiative again this year.”

Top 100 Toys’s top toy trends of 2020:
  1. Toys for creativity

    Click, slide, build and create. Hands-on toys like LEGO and jigsaw puzzles, and arts and crafts, are creative hobbies for kids and adults, providing Aussies with a satisfying sense of accomplishment and way to unwind.
  2. Comfort in classics

    Classic family and kids’ games offer a sense of familiarity and nostalgic fun. Games like Monopoly, Jenga, Barbie Dreamhouse and UNO all feature in’s top 100 toys catalogue this year.
  3. As seen on the screen

    This year, silver screen icons came to life in our homes as popular toys. From meme icon Baby Yoda, beloved children’s character Hedwig to 2020’s favourite dog Bluey, children can now play with their on-screen idols at home.
  4. To play is to learn

    The super toys for play and development, STEM and tech toys continue to experience growth as parents seek to make learning at home as fun as playtime.
  5. Rise of the kidult

    2020 was a year that gave adults the permission to unleash their inner kid as we stayed (and played) at home. From thrilling games like Unstable Unicorns and Exploding Kittens, to test how well you know your friends and family, to exciting challenges like Catan to flex your mental muscle, the top 100 toys are for the big kids as much as for the 'actual' kids.
Singer and TV star Johnny Ruffo has returned this year as Amazon Playmaker Ambassador to make the first special delivery of toys to the Sydney Playmakers, who unwrapped and reviewed the trending toys of 2020 that have formed the Top 100 Toys catalogue.

“These awesome kids have the very special job of being festive toy testers, and in my eyes they’re also real superheroes. I remember how hard it was to be in hospital, and to experience all of this during the challenges of this year is truly inspiring,” said Johnny Ruffo.

“The Amazon Playmakers have done a brilliant job helping to review the Top 100 Toys. There’s such a variety of trends and toys for not just kids but adults too. I know I’ve been spending a lot more time this year playing toys and games, so you definitely can call me a kidult!”

The Amazon Playmakers Holiday Top 100 Toy Catalogue can be viewed here and shop the top 100 at
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