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Finding that balance

International Women’s Day 2019 theme is a balanced world is a better world, and achieving this goal is a process in which everyone has a role to play.

Creating new jobs for locals in Australia

Amazon will create 500 new permanent jobs over the next year.

Our Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles aren't inspirational wall hangings. These Principles work hard, just like we do.

Invictus Games Sydney 2018: I AM-AZON

Amazon sponsor and official partner of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018.

A paw-tnership made in heaven: Aussie Dog Guy and Amazon Pet Supplies

Long before he helped launch our new Pet Supplies category, Ryan Anderson, AKA Aussie Dog Guy, grew up collecting animals in Wombarra on the NSW south coast.

Smarter, better, faster, Amazon

Amazon's Sydney fulfilment centre opens its doors.

Prime launches in Australia with the most extensive suite of benefits for any Prime launch ever

Amazon Prime in Australia offers free, two-business-day delivery to nearly 90 per cent of Australians.

Where Amazon orders come to life

Fulfilment is at the heart of the Amazon experience.

Faster delivery for Australian customers

Amazon expands its fulfilment centre network with a second warehouse due to open second half of 2018.
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