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Elm Coffee Roasters on a recent morning
Beans are unpacked, roasted and bagged within Elm Coffee Roasters, photographed Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017. (JORDAN STEAD / Amazon)
Photo by (JORDAN STEAD / Amazon)

Meet Self-Published Australian Author Matt Rogers: How a university dropout became a best-seller in under two years

Matt Rogers’ self-publishing success story is nearly as thrilling as the action-packed, white-knuckle thrill rides he has been publishing on Amazon for the past four years.

Meet Self-Published Australian Author C.J. Archer: an Aussie mum who’s cracked the US bestseller lists - multiple times

The aspiration was always there for Melbourne-based C.J. Archer (Carolyn) to be a writer. A lover of history and fantasy from as far back as she can remember, she wanted to tell stories. In her twenties she began seriously putting pen to paper and having published a few short stories, started knocking on publishers’ doors. Despite acquiring an agent, the global financial crisis hit and Carolyn, manuscripts in hand, hit a wall.

Meet Self-Published Australian Author Lilly Mirren: How a Mum-of-Three became a Bestselling Author in just Four Years

Lilly Mirren, a USA Today bestselling author, always dreamed of being a writer but never believed that she had what it takes to write fiction.
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